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    2. i.e. She always overreacts when she sees a spider. My mom overreacted when she caught me coming home 5 minutes after curfew.

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    2. she tends to overreact a lot . hey dont overreact . she overreacts with her words

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    2. Over the top : The musical performance is over the top but I enjoyed it. Overact - The actor seems overact in the movie Exaggerate : He tends to exaggerate the difficulties.

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    2. "overact" comes from "act" like actor. "overact" means doing too much acting and being very fake. "overreact" comes from "react" like "quick reaction." "Overreact" is what you do when you think something is very important but it's actually not.

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    2. Overreacting is the same as exaggeration when it comes to an action or response. Way over the top describes an exaggeration

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    2. They all practically mean the same thing but “way over the top” can be used differently than the rest of these. For example your friend can ask you “How does this look on me” and you can say “I think It’s way over the top”.

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    2. 1. 'He tends to go over the line' would be used if somebody is intrusive. For example, imagine that a boy likes a girl but the girl has a boyfriend. If the boy made a romantic gesture towards the girl, this might be considered going over the line. 3. This one is used in just about the same way as #1. It just depends on whether you prefer to say 'cross' or 'go over.' 4. He tends to go overboard is the most interchangeable one so its gonna have the longest explanation. It can be used to describe somebody being intrusive, dramatic, or reckless. If somebody overreacted then you could say he went overboard. For example, somebody spills some water on you by accident, and you yell at them. You could say that you went overboard. Also, if somebody is reckless, you could use this one. For example, if you invite your friends over and you all have a couple drinks, somebody who over indulges and gets drunk could be considered to be going overboard. You could also use this one for somebody who is intrusive, such as in the first one, but it's not as common as the other two uses. 5. He tends to overdo it would only be used with somebody who is reckless. Saying that he tends to overdo it is like saying that in everything he does, he usually doesn't control himself. 6. He tends to overact sounds more natural as "he tends to over'react'" this one is used exclusively for somebody who is being dramatic. 7. This one is also only used with somebody who is being dramatic, but it tends to be less serious then 7. For example, if somebody was getting slightly upset over something, then you might call them a drama queen as a joke. 8. He tends to be so dramatic is also only used for somebody who is being dramatic, but this one is also used as more of an insult than just saying that they overreact. 9. This one is also saying that somebody is overreacting or being dramatic. 10. This one is similar to 9, but also has a more negative use. The word fuss, is sort of used to say that they are being childish. Hope this helps! If you have any more questions I'll be happy to answer more. This is just my take on these phrases and somebody else might give them slightly different uses.

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    2. Hey there :) In my opinion, this sounded just a little unnatural, so I'm guessing you were trying to say something like this: If she hadn't (gotten) dressed up it would have been fine, but the worst thing is she put on a sleazy dress and now I'm overreacting a little. Something like that maybe? Truth be told, I didn't quite completely understand what you wanted to say, sorry about that :D

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