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Q: What does overshadow mean?
A: Thank you so much!
Q: What does overshadowed mean?
A: It means that something appears to be more important that something else.
So, “Whatever I did in school was overshadowed by my brother’s performance” means that nobody paid attention to what I did because what my brother did was so much better.
Q: What does overshadow mean?
A: @Ri-na When something overshadows... it is bigger or better in some eay.

Sally always overshadowed me at maths.

Or it can be literally in the shadow.

I was suddenly overshadowed by a huge elephant.
Q: What does overshadow mean?
A: Depends on the context of the sentence. It could mean that an object is towering over something and casting a shadow, or it could mean that a person is seeming much more important or prominent than another person.

Example sentences using "Overshadow"

Q: Please show me example sentences with overshadow.
A: People who are loud tend to overshadow those who are quiet.
Q: Please show me example sentences with overshadow.
A: "Her confidence seemed to overshadow any doubts she had with herself."

"His accomplishments were often overshadowed by his older brother's success."

"Many historic buildings in New York City and are now overshadowed by skyscrapers."

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