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    2. It is so long.... I don't think anybody will have time to read this whole thing and make corrections. I read some of it and it only seems to have a few small spelling or punctuation mistakes.

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    2. Ok before i correct i want to say a couple things Oxycodone : emisynthetic opioid synthesized, opioid alkaloid found in the Persian poppy, so technically it is a drug which mimics Morphine but with less side effects. therefore... your first phrase is incomplete/tad incorrect. PS2: the drug strength is not relevant because each human is different and has different receptors to drugs. also w-18 is allegedly 10k times stronger than morphine. You can read more below about it. In fact, many people become addicted to the pill which contains oxycodone, which a opioid synthesized. When you take the pill, your pain goes away and you may feel good at that moment, but your body will become in time resistent to the pill and when you stop taking the pill, a very small pain will feel greater than it is. But why do they sell those dangerous drugs? Originally, the pill was a drug prescribed for patients suffering from very severe pain, but Purdue pharma widened the patient range who are allowed to take the pill. Of course, lobbyists did play a role. So, doctors can prescribe the medicines for people who don't need this medicine, like those who have a headache, or have a pain in the knee. Belatedly, the US government attempted to control the situation. The government cracked down on many bad doctors and started to make strict laws to go back its original state. It would be nice if this solves the problem, but I feel that it’s already too late. Well, you're addicted to an Opioid and If you don't have the drugs that you need, nor a prescription, or buying over-the-counter drugs at pharmacies, what would you do? What if the pain is going to kill you? You may feel the need to replace them with something else? In this situation, what most people find is Heroin. It's too difficult and expensive to get the pill legally, but heroin is cheaper and more effective. In time they will find themselves resistant to drugs and feel the need to find something stronger and that is fentanyl. That's a 100 percent artificial drug, and that's 40 times stronger than heroin. Some Americans tend to take those drugs and eventually die, but there's a drug that can help these people, which is called Nakan. What I find interesting is that companies who have created Nakan are the those that make drugs and sell them. They make money by poisoning people and more money by saving those people. It's as if they are carrying fire in one hand and water in the other.

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