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Q: What does Mum's just cracked open a packet of biscuits. mean?
A: She’s just opened them.
It’s a fun expression!
Mmmmm…biscuits 😋
Q: What does a welcome packet means and esp one from university mean?
A: A welcome packet is a large envelope containing lots of information about a school you’ll be attending. A welcome packet to a university is great news as it means you’ve been accepted! If you were not accepted to the university you’d receive a small envelope containing a rejection letter.
Q: What does see reverse (I've read this on a packet of asparagus)
A: it means: Look on the back of the packet
Q: What does Can you drop this packet off at the accountant's for me? mean?
A: @Ri-na Please leave this packet at the accountant's (office) for me.

"drop off" = deliver

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Q: What is the difference between packet and pack and package and As noun,what’s the difference between these words ?
A: A pack of cigarettes
A packet of potato chips
I sent the package yesterday
There's a package on your desk
The pack of wolves are hungry
He has a whole packet of problems

A package is larger, and firmly sealed
A pack is a small to medium collection of things
A packet is small and not sealed well

There are a LOT of exceptions. Good luck!
Q: What is the difference between packet and package and pack ?
A: Packet - cardboard with things inside
Package - a lot of things wrapped which you say it is a 'package'
Pack - a container, generally ready to be sold
Q: What is the difference between packet and package ?
A: Package is like a way to deliver something.
Packet is usually a pile of paper.
Q: What is the difference between packet and package ?
A: For shipping and postage purposes, a "packet" is normally bigger than a standard envelope, but not as big as a package.

A "packet" may refer to a large envelope that can fit a book (for example).

A "package" or "parcel" is usually a box or other container that is used for shipping larger items.

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Q: How do you say this in English (US)? a "packet" of biscuit?
A: this is it's pronunciation! hope this helps!

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Q: I bought a packet of chestnuts, but most of them are rotten. Does this sound natural?
A: You did an awesome job!

Pronounce your t at the end of “most” and “chestnut,” try not to drop it
The ou in “bought” makes an aw sound, drop your jaw a bit to help you pronounce this. It isn’t pronounced with your lips. The way you said it is still really good, though.

(I drop my t’s a lot in the middle of words because I have a Midwest American accent. Like in rotten. The way you say rotten is perfect. Also, the middle t in “chestnuts” is silent. Good job with that!)
Q: 1 packet=100pcs. 1 packet was short of 1pc. And the next packet was short of 2pcs/therefore the shortage of 3pcs. Does this sound natural?
A: Each packet has 100pcs. One of the packets was 1pc short and another had 2pcs short ; therefore, there is a shortage of 3pcs.
Q: You crack the packet, then you can drizzle the sauce in two ways.

"Two ways" means that they are two different sauces in the package.

Could you make this better? Does this sound natural?
A: I sounds natural to me, but if it is a choice of two different sauces, I would say instead, "You own the packet. Then you can choose which sauce you want to drizzle."

This could be rephrased several different ways, but the main thing is to indicate that there is a choice of sauces. If you say you can drizzle the sauce two ways, it sounds like there is only one sauce packet, and not a choice between two sauces. I hope I understood your question correctly and provided a useful answer.
Q: You crack the packet, then you can drizzle the sauce in two ways.

"Two ways" means that they are two different sauces in the package.
A: There's nothing wrong with the sentence.
But you could say
"You crack the packet, then there are two ways you can drizzle the sauce."
Q: What does "packet" in 389 mean?
A: In this context, the packet is a bundle of papers or files explaining the strategy.

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