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    2. The level of crime has increased recently in many countries. The government finds it difficult to face this problem. There is one group of people who believe that longer prison sentences might reduce crime, however/whereas others think that there are different and better ways. First of all, people should feel safe in society so the most responsible constitution is the government (I don't understand this sentence sorry). It means that politicians have to do something about the crime problem. They believe that one of the best solutions is extending imprisonment since most of the prisoners need much more time to understand their behaviour. Consequently, the longer the time they spend in prison, the sooner they will be prepared to be pardoned and set free. Moreover, they can spend more time talking to psychologists who can explain to them and show them a better life without crime. On the other hand, some people think that longer prison sentences have a bad impact on prisoners. First of all, the prisoners who commit less serious crimes than murder, are able to spend a lot of time with killers, rapists, and paedophiles. As a result, instead of learning good behaviour they might be interested in other crimes. Furthermore, it is obvious that not every prison can provide psychologists for prisoners since it is quite expensive to arrange meetings with them. People believe that a better response to crime, not just for hooligans or shoplifters but also for society, is community service which might improve their character due to the type of work. In my opinion, the government must feel responsibility for all citizens. They should not let people who commit a very serious crime like killing meet with prisoners who are vandals or hooligans. I believe that community service is one of the best ways to teach them to behave in a better way. Consequently, they have to do something for other people and not just for themselves. For instance, if a person damaged chairs at a stadium after a match, he or she would fix them or work at the stadium for one year, of course for free. To sum up, there are good arguments for and against longer prison sentences so the governments should find the best way to provide a safe and pleasant life for its citizens. Politicians had better focus on reducing the level of crime than on arguing with each other.

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