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    2. What would have happened if Ramon Castilla had not abolished slavery in Peru? ... OK In 1821, When San Martin arrived (IN) Lima, he declared the independence of Peru and he promised to give freedom to «black» people () born after () the twenty—eighth of July. But, in the (REALITY), was this true? Did he really (SOLVE) the problem of slavery? (WHAT) if it had never happened? San Martin had liberal ideas and he pretended (TO) release all (THE) people but yeomans (WERE) opposed to it so he promoted this policy as a way to remove the oppression of «black» (PEOPLE). But is was not until 1854 that Ramon Castilla abolished slavery, for political (REASONS), but it brought many benefits (TO) all (SLAVES). Firstly, they could not (PARTICIPATE) in elections of presidents or mayors because in this time, only persons that knew (HOW TO) read and write could vote. Another advantage, they managed to (ACHIEVE THE)same civil rights. (RIGHT IS CORRECT, NOT WRITE), However for this period it was a big step. Another possible consequence is that the (SLAVERY) would still be the economic (BASIS) of estates, since the (ECONOMIC) activity of (THE) nineteenth century was, mostly, agrobusiness ("el gamonalismo"), with the idea of that (PEASANTS) must be under the (CONTROL OF THEIR MASTERS). In conclusion, the abolition of the (SLAVERY HAD NOT HAPPENED) in Peru, they (WOULD NEVER HAVE) developed ideas of (FREEDOM), that (LED TO) democracy for all people. And the economics system (WOULD NEVER HAVE), (WHICH WOULD HAVE) prohibited improving the quality of life of these people. *** is a better site for longer pieces like yours **

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