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    2. Particularly: to a higher degree than is usual or average. Or so as to give special emphasis to a point; specifically. Specifically: in a way that is exact and clear; precisely.

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    2. I took the opportunity to reword it since it was hard for me to just insert or delete things. Here is what I came up with: Dr. Allan, a physician at Edward Medical University says that in society, euthanasia needs to be socially acceptable for a better future. In his opinion, it is inhumane to let a person who has contracted an incurable disease continue living a life of suffering. Some people think euthanasia is inhumane and out of the question, but living a painful and purposeless life is essentially the same as torture. He also believes that a person has the right to live and die according to their own desires, especially when discussing the topic of whether or not the person in question considers their life worth living for. If someone has only a few months to live, but do not wish to die pitifully in such a way where they appear sick and weak, euthanasia acts as an option for the individual to die with dignity. Hope it helps!

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