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    2. Patchy is similar to spotty or random. Saying you have a patchy relationship with someone is like saying that your relationship is hit or miss / on and off. A person who is constantly breaking up with and getting back together with one person would be in a patchy relationship. A person whos mother is sometimes rude to them and not always supportive might have a patchy / rocky relationship with their mother.

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    2. Uneven,inconsistent- For example; There is patchy fog. Hope this helps...

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    2. Rain that isn't heavy, or is on and off

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    2. Patchy significa algo que está echo de parches ej: "patchy trousers" o también algo que no está echo de igual manera o calidad Ej: "their work is patchy at best"

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    2. Incoherent means not clear or easily understandable. Ex.: She was speaking so fast that her words became incoherent. Patchy means having some parts that are good and some that are bad. Ex.: My skills in English are still a little patchy so I need more practice. ^_^

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