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    2. What I did today: Day 56) I got up at 5:30AM to take the first train. Although it was tough waking up that early, it still felt pretty good. Something funny happened on the train today: While I was on the train, I felt a strange sensation in my left shoe, so I took it off, only to find a centipede on my toe. I was so surprised! Fortunately, the centipede had not bitten me. I'm pretty lucky nothing worse happened. After school, I had to buy a bus season ticket. I usually go to the school gym almost everyday to workout, but since I couldn't today, I went to the gym near my home. While it isn't as good as the school's, it's still better than nothing. I've just finished working out, and now I'm doing some cardio. I usually do cardio everyday, but I haven't done it in 2 days for various reasons. Since tomorrow is back day, my plan is to start with lat exercises. Lately, I've increased the frequency I do back exercises. I'm so excited!

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