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Q: What does I haven’t heard a peep out of her father mean?
A: Her father has not said anything.

Her father has not said a single word
Q: What does closer than my peeps you área to me mean?
A: area -> are
peeps = close friends, followers (seguidores)

'me importas más que me importan mis amigos más cercanos'
Q: What does you peeps mean?
A: another term for you people / you guys
Q: What does peeps mean?
A: It's slang for people but not many people use it. Or there is a verb to peep: To look at someone quickly
without them seeing you
Q: What does peep shit mean?
A: Peep could be short for people. It could also mean peeps which is a marshmallow duck people get around Easter time. Some people hate them and might call them peep shit. ;-) lol

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Q: Please show me example sentences with peep.
l don't want to hear another peep out of you
He looked through a peep in the wall
Q: Please show me example sentences with 'peep' and 'peek' what's the differences?.
A: I agree with lunchtime, I think "peek" is more common. The first thing I thought of when I saw "peep" was making a sound, like this definition below.

"2 [singular] informal : a word or sound
I don't want to hear a single peep out of you.
We didn't hear a peep coming from his office.
They accepted her decision with hardly a peep of protest."
Q: Please show me example sentences with peeps. Is it the same thing that "people"?.
Q: Please show me example sentences with peep out.
A: -The actual definition of the word is to sneak a glimpse of something:
"The boy peeped out of his room at the guests in the hall."
-It can also mean a word, sound, or complaint:
"I don't want to hear a peep out of you!" = I don't want to hear you say anything/complain!"

I use the slang word "peeps" to mean "people"! Specifically friends, and in a slightly comedic way:
"What up, peeps!" = How's it going, guys!

It is also used in slang, but I rarely hear it in real life and would feel weird saying it. But in slang, it means "to check out."
"Yo, peep this." = Hey, come check this out.
"We gonna peep out this club." = We're gonna check out this club.

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Q: What is the difference between peep and peek and glare ?
A: Peep is when you are trying to look at something while trying to not get noticed.
Peek is when you look at something in a slyly way.
Glare is when you stare at someone in an angry way.
I hope this helps :D
Q: What is the difference between peep and peek and glance and glimpse ?
A: peep = to look through something secretly while trying not to be noticed (窥视)
eg. I peeped through the keyhole, curious of what was behind the door.
eg. peeping tom 偷窥狂

peek = to look while trying to not be noticed(偷看)
eg. The boy is telling his friend not to peek at his answers.

glance = to side eye or take a brief look at (瞥一眼)
eg. I glanced up to check the time on the clock.

glimpse = to catch sight of something for a short amount of time (瞥见)
eg. I caught of a glimpse of the shooting star that left as quickly as it came.
Q: What is the difference between peep and glance ?
A: peep- is to look quickly but secretly
glance.- is to look quickly
Q: What is the difference between peep and peek ?
A: They are interchangeable for the most part.

peep can be used as the sound a small animal makes. particularly baby chickens.
Q: What is the difference between peep and tweet ?
A: They are both sounds of birds in English. However tweet is also a verb now. Due to Twitter. Also peep is a way of saying don't look.

Ex. Sentences:

1. The baby birds were peeping/tweeting in the tree.
2. I was tweeting from my phone.
3. The man was peeping at the women who were at the beach.

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Q: How do you say this in English (US)? what does "peep the bike" mean?
A: "Peep" is slangs for checkout. "That kid is cool. Peep his outfit."
Q: How do you say this in English (US)? peep
A: to glance at something or a small sound "don't make a peep"
Q: How do you say this in English (US)? what that mean of 'peeps' in greeting?
A: "People."

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Q: He likes peep.
Does this sound natural? Thanks
A: He likes spying on other people.
He's a voyeur.
He's a peeping Tom.
Q: I'll be missing these peeps vs I'll be missing my peeps? Do they sound natural?
A: Peeps as friends in this instance sounds natural.

"I'll be missing my peeps" is usually said more often than "these" (for where I am in the US)
Q: why do you peep it? (to friends, just a joke) Does this sound natural?
A: You could say "Why are you peeping at it?"
Q: closer than my peeps Does this sound natural?
A: Yes! That is probably grammatically correct, but you will never hear it in conversation. Great song!
Q: How can we use"peeps "? Like "what'up ,peeps" , what does it mean?
A: is right. It’s a shortened way of saying “people”. However it’s most commonly used between young teens and it can sound a bit awkward or cringe worthy if you use it too much

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