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    2. I don't hear "peeved off" very often, but "peeved" on its own is sometimes used. Example: "He was a bit peeved about not being invited to the party." It's not a very common expression though. It's much more common to say "pissed off", but this is informal slang and some people consider it rude / inappropriate. Example: "She was pissed off about not being invited to the party." In US English, you can drop the "off" and just say "pissed" (in UK English, "pissed" alone usually means drunk). Other possible alternatives include: - "annoyed" - "irritated" - "angry" - "indignant" - "disgruntled" - "displeased" - "upset" - "cross" (more common in UK English) - "vexed" (more common in UK English)

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