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    2. Words that I've change are capitalized and _ means spaces that were not originally there. Sounds great though: Having worked as an account assistant for many years, I decided that it was time to start a new lifestyle. I wanted neither FULL schedules nor working for another person's dreams. What I yearn FOR was running my own company, thus no sooner had I handed in my letter of resignation than I started to make the arrangements to set IT up. It was not a straightforward matter, in_as_much as I was planning to establish a company of translation. The reason I decided to give priority to my degree in languages over the one in accountancy was because I realized that I felt more attached to the former one (you don't need to say 'one' here). It was not an easy process and I had to overcome a myriad of hindrances. First and foremost, not only did I have to study harder to PERFECT my French skills, but I also had to strive to get clients. Secondly, I was concerned about the financial aspect, in_as_much as I had any other kind of income and my savings covered only a couple of things to arrange the office. Last but certainly not least, I was devoid of experience in terms of entrepreneurship. In spite of the aforementioned setbacks, in the end all went formidable (this expression seems off). As time went by, my enterprise was consolidated in the market. Each day, (no comma here) more and more people required our services. As a matter of fact, new employees were hired in order to satisfy the demand. Never before have I been so joyful. Had I not taken the risk of leaving the stability of my previous job, I would not have achieved my dream. I would like to ENCOURAGE the readership TO struggle to accomplish their goals. Only by working hard could YOU succeed. Moreover, it is absolutely essential to get out of YOUR comfort zone and take risks. I ascertain you that the more endeavored you are with your aims, the better outcome you will have.

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