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    2. I have literally never heard this word but I would take it to mean an event where somebody (or a group of people) stands up in front of an audience and performs - sings, acts, tells jokes, plays the piano, etc. As opposed to watching a movie or playing a game. By the way this never occured to me until now but I don't think I have ever seen Spanish with (brackets) in it, is that not something that you guys do?

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    2. Performativity produces a series of effects (intended or not). We act/talk/dress/etc in ways that consolidate us being a woman/man. We act as if being a woman/man is a fact about us, something that’s ‘just there’ from the start – out it’s actually an effect that is being continually produced and reproduced. Gender performativity can also produce certain effects in others, who may approve of us, accept us, deny us, be shocked/disgusted by us, bully us, medicalise us, etc – all due to our gender performativity, or whether or not we successfully present acceptable gender coherence. We might produce these effects in other people on purpose, citing a particular feature of our identity – or, more commonly, these effects will occur anyway, whether we want them to or not (gender policing, gender-based violence, bullying, etc). Performance, on the other hand, is about acting/embodying in the moment and presumes a certain kind of choice within that. So it’s different to performativity, because performativity is ongoing and produces certain effects in terms of the way you are treated, which are often not of your choice.

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    2. ...and it's the delivery. And I'm thinking now kind of verbally, like (like if/doing) a performative event, not written comedy, which is another type of genre.

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    2. Instead of "I go to the city to buy your birthday present" you would say "I will go to the city to buy you a birthday present"

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