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Q: What does 1ঃRatfucker 2ঃSuborn perjury mean?
A: * ratfucker - just a really really nasty term to call someone (literally means they fuck rats but really it’s just a nasty nonsense word)

*suborn perjury is a legal term - to suborn is to bribe someone (not a term you would use in casual conversation) or induce someone to do something illegal, and perjury is lying under oath in court (which is illegal).

Essentially he’s saying “I’m willing to let you bastards bribe someone to lie in court”
Q: What does commissioning perjury mean?
A: Paying someone to lie (In court)

Perjury = lying in court
commissioning = paying someone to do a job

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Q: Please show me example sentences with "perjury" and "pillory"..
A: @Loco_19-20_

perjury means if someone tells lies or gives false statement in the court after promising to tell the truth.
for example: -

she was sentenced to jail for 2 years after committing perjury.

pillory means

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