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Q: What does pickled fish mean?
A: Pickling is a process to preserve. Often some with high salt and vinegar. You can pickle many vegetables and sometimes meats.
Q: What does pickled and oiled mean?
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Q: What is the difference between pickled and marinated ?
“Pickled” = preserve something in brine/vinegar
“Marinated” = give something flavour by soaking it in a sauce/liquid for some time.
Q: What is the difference between pickled and preserved ?
A: Pickling is a type of preservation technique. All pickled goods are preserved goods, but not all preserved goods are pickled.

Pickling specifically involves preserving a fruit or vegetable in some sort of acidic liquid like brine that keeps bad bacteria from forming.

Fruit preserves usually refer to jam-like foods involving preserving fruit in sugars until they're gelatinous. These can't be called pickled.

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Q: How do you say this in English (US)? pickled
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Q: Please show me how to pronounce Japanese pickled plums .
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Q: Aka-jiso is used as coloring pickled ume called Umeboshi.

ume is a plum, Japanese apricot. Aka jiso is red perilla.

Red perilla is used for coloring pickled Japanese apricot called ume. That food is called Umeboshi.

Does this sound natural?
A: Ah, I think I understand. It would be:

"Aka-jiso is used for colouring a pickled ume called Umeboshi"

Just to make sure, can you please put the Japanese sentence here?
Q: where's the peck of pickled peppers Peter Piper picked? Does this sound natural?
A: Sounds good nice tongue twister.
Q: the pickled cucumber. Not within a hamburger that is sliced but a whole one. Does this sound natural?
A: Without the context, I'm kind of guessing how to correct it, but:

"I'm talking about a whole pickle. Not the thin slices they put on hamburgers, but the whole thing."
Q: I ate too much of pickled pepper yesterday and now I suffer from my upset stomach. It feels like someone poured a bottle of acid into my stomach. Does this sound natural?
A: @wayfarer155: "I ate too many pickled peppers yesterday..." sounds better to me, but the rest is good👍

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