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    2. I am *guessing* a bit but I think pike = turnpike = una carretera en que se tiene que pagar un peaje. They use this term a lot in the NE USA, not so much elsewhere.

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    2. "Pike" is short for "turnpike," which is a major throughway/road/highway. "Come down the pike" means to appear or happen, generally meant to imply in an obvious or expedient fashion as a car would on those roads. In baseball, if you throw a pitch directly over the center of the plate, it's often commented on with "Right down the pike!" to indicate that it was direct, obvious, and right where it might have been expected to be. It's not a very common phrase, and you will mostly hear it in baseball, but it could be used elsewhere.

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    2. Never heard it before. Googling suggests that it's a quote from Game of Thrones - I'd expect its meaning to be something similar to "I'm in hot water" (i.e. I've gotten myself into trouble). It doesn't ever get used in the real world, though.

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    2. 1. Correct 2. The chemical phenomena associated with this process are very complicated. 3. The carbon layer is placed under a few layers of rock, sand and clay. 4. Correct 5. The punishment for bigamy is having two mothers-in-law. 6. I bought a (or 'the' if it is a specific thing you have previously talked about) six-piece edition of Shakespeare's work. 7. Mister Hudson ordered six dozen bottles of wine. 8. Correct 9. Correct 10. Correct 11. The river is full of trout and salmon, (a comma or 'and' is necessary here) there are also a lot of pike. 12. Correct 13. Correct 14. I have two new recipes for this cream and I got one of them from my sister-in-law. 15. We have been through a lot of crises ('hard times' is also used often) so they are not a new phenomena ('thing' is also used) for us. 16. The Government never consists of just geniuses. 17. Herrings and sardines are the most available fish here in Canes. Hope this helps!

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