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    2. Genghis Khan pillaged many villages on his way through Asia and Europe. He looted many of the villagers' possessions. He even plundered the treasuries of larger towns and cities. He raided all cities mercilessly. Loot and plunder refer to the stealing of things, plunder is specific to times of war/conflict etc. Pillage is always bloody and violent, raid is any invasion, such as a police raid.

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    2. Ironically, Japan fascinated the world during the aftermath of 3.11. At the time, The Great East Japan Earthquake of March 11th, 2011 was considered the most powerful earthquake in the world. There were over 25.000 casualties in the man-made catastrophe that consisted of a tsunami and the Fukushima nuclear accident. People the world over paid attention not only to developments of the situation and the damage suffered, but also to Japanese society and their conduct at the time. They say that there are maelstroms of riots and plundering in other countries when catastrophe strikes, yet Japan was different. - American media discussed it one after another. "Why do Japanese people never, ever pillage even when there is catastrophe?” (CNN) - People wouldn't take such correct action in other countries. (BBC) - There were no attacks to stores and scrambles for relief goods. Citizens endured the predicament; it was impressive. (NYT) - Why did the Japanese remain so calm? (新京報) When The Great East Japan Earthquake struck, foreign media asked, “Why is there no rioting and plundering in Japan?” Since ancient times, books that were written at various times and memories that were recorded all indicated that Japanese people hated thieves. That is why thieves cannot be a mainstream power in Japan. It’s a trait of Japanese history. Japanese people can endure various setbacks and hardships, but they always keep calm and maintain social order. It’s the Japanese mentality.

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    2. I can assure you that she must not abide (tolerate) such an act of pillaging [regardless of the reason]. "abide" seems an old fashioned word --- maybe replace with "tolerate" or similar word.

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