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    2. Nobody says the first one

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    2. In all honesty I've never even heard of the word "piquant" until you asked this question lol but from what I researched just now, it looks like they basically mean the same thing. The only difference that I noticed between the two is that "piquant" is used for when the flavor is sharp but pleasant. Then "tangy" is used sometimes in a bad way or when a flavor just kind of hits you in a sharp and shocking way I guess. Like if something has sort of a sour flavor I sometimes say that "it tastes a little tangy". But in all honesty, I've never heard anyone use "piquant" where I'm from (Texas) but it might not be the case in other areas or regions so yeah lol. I hope this was kind of helpful 😊

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    2. racy means sexual, piquant is usually used to describe a spicy taste (racy would be your profile picture haha)

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