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Q: What does The pit boss hadn’t comped him yet. mean?
A: If you gamble in Vegas, they give you free drinks. This are "comps" short for complimentary. To be "comped" means you are given free things, like drinks, food, or a room. The pit boss is the person that runs a section of a casino, typically a card area.
Q: What does a pit of mean?
A: Without context it’s hard to say. It might be a pit of something physical (a pit of coal), or it might refer to depression (a pit of despair).
Q: What does pit a pat
A: I was wrong! ‘Pit-a-pat’ is a phrase, but quite rare (so rare I have never heard it used). It means the same as the verb and noun forms of pitter-patter, but is about footsteps rather than rain.
Q: What does It contains a pit that is a compelling exploration target for the mission. mean?
A: yeah, the capsules will be placed there, but that's not really the point. While it will be a good place to put the capsules, they also want to explore the hole with the lander, too.
Q: What does "Wanting to take different pit stops" and "Wanting different things out of life" mean?
A: To try something new or different in ones' life.

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Q: Please show me example sentences with "bottomless pit".
A: Do you mean the metaphorical meaning of "bottomless pit"? Like, as in something that has seemingly no limits or an endless situation?

"After his parents died, the poor orphaned boy fell into a bottomless pit of depression"

"The internet is a bottomless pit of information"

A creative way to say "you're stupid" could be "You're a bottomless pit of stupidity"

"With all the expensive, high-tech gadgets, vehicles, and equipment, Bruce Wayne must have a bottomless pit of wealth in order spend most of his free time fighting crime as the masked vigilante Batman."
Q: Please show me example sentences with pit.
A: I wanna know the whole meanings!
Q: Please show me example sentences with a pit stop.
A: @FanchenAlicia

Let’s make a pit stop at this convenience store.

Because it’s such a long drive, we’ll need to make a couple of pit stops.
Q: Please show me example sentences with "That's the pits.".
A: "Why do we live in England !? Sitting around all year in the freezing cold is just the pits! "


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Q: What is the difference between pit and hole ?
A: A pit does not run all the way through a surface. If you fall into a pit, you will not come out on the other side. A pit is similar to a crater.

A hole usually runs all the way through to create openings on both sides. If you fall into a hole, you might come out of it somewhere else.

You can "fall into" a pit or a hole, but you can only "fall out of" a hole.
Q: What is the difference between pit and seed ?
A: Technically, a pit is the hard outer covering that protects the seed. But in common usage, a fruit can have more than one seed but only one pit.
Q: What is the difference between pit and seed ?
A: a seed is small like a lemon seed but a pit is large like a peach pit so a pit is just a large seed and a seed is a small pit
Q: What is the difference between pit and hole ?
A: Pit is usually used when the opening is very big, like a snake pit. Whereas hole is usually just a small opening in the ground, like just small enough for you to trip over.
Q: What is the difference between hole、cave and pit ?
A: hole and pit are similar, but a pit tends to be deeper. "Hole" is a very generic word. "Cave" is 洞穴

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Q: How do you say this in English (US)? i speak a little pit english
A: "I speak a little bit of english."
Q: How do you say this in English (UK)? pit mein churag gofna.
A: I am so hungry

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Q: "I fall into the pits of password hell at least once a month. I wonder how on earth everyone manage a password?" Does this sound natural?
A: "I fall into the pits of password hell at least once a month. I wonder how on earth everyone manages passwords?"
Q: What does 'pits' mean as in "His stare was cold, his eyes black pits."?
A: “Eyes black pits” is saying that his eyes seemed to be really deep and dark and menacing, like you could look deep into them they’re so dark. That sentence sounds like they’re describing a really mean stare from a scary person.
Q: what “pit” means here?
“stop pit bulls from pulling”
A: Short answer: A "pit bull" (or "pit bull terrier") is a type of dog.
Long answer: I am not 100% positive about the etymology, however often dog breed names have something to do with what the type of dog was trained or used for by people in the past. For example, as I have read, the dachshund breed (literally meaning "badger hound/dog" in German), was used by badger hunters. The dachshund would chase the badgers out of their underground dens, then the hunters could hunt the badgers. In the case of a pit bull, I have read that the dogs were put into pits (a sort of dug-out, large hole in the ground) where they would fight or hunt rats and people would bet on the dogs. I am not sure that is true, but I have read it in a few online articles.
Q: After she dumped me I have been in the pits. Does this sound natural?
A: For most yes. "In the pits" could have been implemented like this: "After she dumped me I have been down in the pits" (or you could say "dumps"instead of pits which is a more used term with this context)
Q: Where is a pit of stomack? And when is this expression used?
A: It's a figurative term. If someone has a pit in their stomach it means they're nervous or scared.

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