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Q: What does plaid pants mean?
A: These are plaid pants
Q: What does "It didn't fit me right, I was just plaid everywhere"(plaid ?) mean?
A: theyre probably refering to the clothing having a plaid pattern on it and either not fitting thier body or not fitting thier personality
Q: What does green plaid shirt mean?
A: its a shirt that is green with a plaid pattern

like this:

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Q: Please show me example sentences with plaid.
A: I bought a plaid shirt

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Q: What is the difference between plaid and checked ?
A: blue (photo 1) = checked
red (photo 2) = plaid
they both describe patterns of fabric
Q: What is the difference between plaid and checked ?
This photo with the red fabric is plaid:
Q: What is the difference between plaid clothes and checked clothes ?
A: “Plaid” is a design involving checkers with different colored stripes over it. “Checkered” is the term describing clothes that have a pattern made of two-toned squares, and is also where the name “checkers” comes from for the game!
Q: What is the difference between a plaid skirt and a check skirt ?
A: They are pretty much the same

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Q: a plaid shirt
a checked shirt

are they the same?
A: No, but they are quite similar. Checkered shirts have a more basic pattern while plaid shirts have a slightly more distinctive pattern. For example, a checkered shirt may have only have a few colors and less intersecting lines while plaid shirts may have various colors with multiple intersecting lines.
Q: plaid does this sound natural?
A: Check the question to view the answer

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