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    2. That's the "rescue doctrine" in tort law. That comes into play typically when there are three people: the plaintiff (the rescuer), a defendant (someone who created a risk of injury), and a rescuee (someone who was or was close to being hurt by the risk the defendant created). Now suppose that the rescuer ALSO gets hurt while rescuing the rescuee. Plaintiff sues defendant to recover. Usually the defendant could argue that plaintiff rescuer was "contributorily negligent." But because plaintiff was rescuing someone else, that defense of contributory negligence is usually disallowed. Basically, the person who created the danger (defendant) should have foreseen not only that someone might be hurt (the person being rescued), but also that someone else might try to rescue him or her -- and it's a good, good thing to encourage people to rescue other people, even to take risks to rescue other people.

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    2. thank you so much

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    2. thank you so much for your explanation

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    2. You need to understand the two different types of legal trials: civil and criminal. Civil trials are disputes between two people. For example: you owe me money and I will sue you. Criminal trials are those that happen when you break the law. For example: you kill someone. The "plaintiff" and the "prosecution" are both the people who bring legal actions against somebody (the defendant). However, the "plaintiff" is someone in a civil trial (for example: if I sue you because you owe me money, I am the plaintiff). The "prosecution" is the person in a criminal trial (if you kill someone, the lawyer(s) working against you in court is the prosecution.

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