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    2. *says* *place* *live* *pain* I am not sure, If there is I would like it to be peaceful and worry free

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    2. I am respoding to the advertisement you placed in the moring post regarding flight attendants. My name is Derrick and I’m 20 years old. My height is one meter and 75 centimeters and my weight is about 58 kilograms. I am now studying in MIT. My major is electronic information science and technology. Although my field is out of this work, it’s not a problem for me. (I didn't really know how to fix this) I really love flying, I am very friendly and I have a warm heart.(I've never heard hot heart before) I often find myself helping others who are in trouble.I can speak Chinese and English fluently, and I’m currently studying Spanish and French. It is a bit challenging, but I will continue to try my best. I usually play basketball with my friends during my spare time, it’s a good way to help me keep fit! In the past, I had a two year internship at delta airlines. As you can see,I’m qualified enough to be here and I hope you could give me a chance. I promise I would never fail to meet your expectation!

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    2. You actually dont really need anything after the word sorry. You could just say " everyone and says thank you and sorry." because you used the word "always" the fact that it is said alot or many times is implied.

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    2. @fiona1999 An increasing* number of people in modern society believe* that less preparation and quick speed lead* to success. Abraham Lincoln would spend the first four hours sharpening* his axe before he cut* down a tree. As a* matter of fact, “sharpen the axe” is a metaphor* that* means to* make full preparation in advance and lay down a substantial foundation for the things that you will do next. (这句话特别好,说得非常好) :) In a similar vein, “sharpen the axe” and “cut* down a tree” have a logical sequence. Not only does* it suit* mankind’s cognitive order (cognitive order 是什么意思,我不了解) but adapt to nature’s laws. It’s an* ubiquitous phenomenon that we students always spend lots of time doing* math problems. However*, the accuracy of our* math exercises* are* relatively low. Remarkably, it’s not the fault of our intelligence, just that* we haven’t remembered interrelated math formulas*. There is no denying that we waste a lot of* time and are poorly* efficient*. The common-place manifests the magnitude of whether we should choose “sharpen the axe” and “fall down a tree” first. (这句话我不明白,你想说什么?) Accordingly, “sharpening your axe will not delay your job of cutting down a tree” is a truth, which can reap* twice the outcome with half the effort. 写得很好啊,也说得很有道理。除了两个我不太明白的句子之外,只有一些小小的错误。我来用英语给你解释一下吧 :) First, remember that when something is plural (there is more than one), you must use 'are' (not 'is'), and you must add a 's' on the end. For example, one formula, two formulas. Secondly, we do not say that success is something you can "access". Success is something you must gain, strive for or work towards. Hard work and perseverance lead to success. :) You can only "access" with physical nouns, e.g. I accessed the security door. I accessed the website. I got access to the building. You cannot use access with concepts, ideas or philosophies. :) I hope this helped! 有什么问题就尽管问吧 :)

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