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Q: What does We pledge our best offers to help them for whatever period is required. mean?
A: A pledge is like a promise, or an oath. (Like 맹세입니다) So it means they are making a promise or an oath that they will help those people for as long as those people need help.
Q: What does I guess we're not doing the pledge then... mean?
A: That's not what it means in this context. "The pledge" is a shorter way to refer to "The pledge of allegiance". It's often recited at schools across America.
Q: What does pledge mean?
A: It means a promise to do something, for example, "I pledge to donate $20 to a campaign. " or "I pledge to clean the kitchen every week"
Q: What does 'come to light' in "He pledge to scrap very unfair tuition fees come to light" mean?
A: it means "to become known." Before, it was hidden.

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Q: Please show me example sentences with pledged.
A: "He pledged his support for the government." (oath of loyalty) "He pledged $100 for the charity." (promise to pay money) "Ten students pledged for the notorious fraternity" (competition to enter a university social fraternity or sorority)
Q: Please show me example sentences with pledge.
A: I took the Pledge of Allegiance. I pledge my loyalty to you. You can pledge money in the donation.
Q: Please show me example sentences with pledge.
A: I pledge my allegiance to your cause. The pledges were more than enough to fund the organization.
Q: Please show me example sentences with pledge.
A: Pledge:is a promise e.g 1) A : You should stop eating ice cream B: I pledge to stop today itself 2) A : Who supports me in this fight for people's rights? B: I pledge my support 3) A : You have broken the sacred pledge B: I'm sorry, i pledged without knowing

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Q: What is the difference between pledge and mortgage ?
A: The mortgage is simply a legal document that obligates the borrower to pay back the lender for the house. A PLEDGE is another legal document that is held by the lender/bank for security of the mortgage (house) . This document will obligate the borrower to the lender/bank to pay back the loan for what is owed. Taken from another user who asked a similar question.
Q: What is the difference between pledge and swear and vow ?
A: They are all relatively similar in meaning and can sometimes be interchanged. You can pledge yourself to something, such as a cause or a person (for example, you can pledge allegiance to a country, or pledge yourself to a fraternity/sorority). You can also vow your allegiance to a person, place, or thing. You can also “vow” to do something, similar to the way you can “promise” to do something. Similarly, you can “swear” to do something, which commits you do doing that thing like a promise. “To swear” can also refer to using profanity. A “swear word” is a profane word. You could also say “I swear I did xxx” to say strongly and convincingly that you did something in the face of doubt.
Q: What is the difference between pledge and swear ?
A: If you pledge something, it is more solemn. Alcoholics when they stop drinking will take an official pledge to stop drinking.😅😂
Q: What is the difference between pledge and assure and promise and guarantee and undertake ?
A: Promise can be formal or informal and the rest are pretty formal/less commonly used. Also, undertake is kinda different. It's more of an attempt at something rather than actually getting things done.
Q: What is the difference between pledge and swear ?
A: Pledge often has a feeling related to money. To swear something is like making a promise

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Q: How do you say this in English (US)? when you receive your pledge kit can we count on you to make a commitment to support the veteran ...
A: A pledge kit is propaganda and info about where to send your money/pledge. In this case it would be info about the Police Association
Q: How do you say this in English (US)? I pledge Allegiance to the flag of the United States of America and to the Republic for which it stands, one nation under God, indivisible, with Liberty and Justice for all.
A: Check the question to view the answer
Q: How do you say this in English (US)? pledged
A: “Pledged”

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Q: what's a pledge ?
A: Even though pledge and promise me the same thing a pledge is seen as more serious. If you were talking to a friend and you want to let them know that you will absolutely be at their birthday party you would say “I promise I will be there“ but, if you are doing something very important like your wedding vows or joining the military you would use pledge because it has A bit more of a deeper/stronger connotation or meaning.
Q: You have to pledge me that you will buy me a sushi. does this sound natural?
A: The grammar is correct. is right though, most people just use the word "promise" in every day speech. Example sentences: "Pledge me, my friend, and drink till thou art wise." (I found this sentence in an old book) "O, pledge me not with wine, dear love." (I found this in another old book) These examples use the word "to" after the word "pledge": "I want you to pledge to me that you will never see him again." "First pledge to me that you will never tell this secret to anyone!" "Pledge to me on Patreon and give me some of that sweet sub money." My ears are used to hearing your sentence said like this: "You have to pledge to me that you will buy me a sushi."
Q: these pledges are impractical. does this sound natural?
A: @bonnie9124: The only thing I'd make sure of, is to elaborate a little more. So that the reader understands the situation without being in it. The sentence you used could refer to any situation. If you said something like "The pledges they expect us to (conform to/make) are so impractical". It just gives more situational awareness. Another thing is that pledge is not a very common word that's used. At least not in my experience, it is almost exclusively used in gatherings with groups when you willingly agree to do something. Therefore I'd used another word if you were just trying to say "The things they (ask of us/ask us to do) are impractical". Hope that helps!
Q: I give you a pledge that I absolutely will not frighten you any more. does this sound natural?
A: man i'm extremely interested in the situation that spawned all these questions
Q: What does "to pledge" mean? As in, "There's been over $43,000 pledged to him so far.
A: Thanks! A follow up please For reals? They do it like every single morning at school?

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