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Q: What does poachers mean?
A: people who illegaly hunt endangered species
Q: What does poacher mean?
A: A person who illegally hunts animals, especially for money.

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Q: Please show me how to pronounce poacher.
A: It is pronounced like pow-chr
Q: "The poachers responsible for the elephant deaths were speculated to come from the neighboring country of Cameroon"

Does the neighboring country stand for Cameroon itself or the country next to Cameroon?

First, I thought the answer was latter grammatically, but former seems to be right contextually in the news article.
A: It might make more sense if you remove "neighboring" for a second.

"come from the country of Cameroon"

The "neighboring" in this sense refers to Cameroon being Gabon's neighbor.

If it WAS the latter (country next to Cameroon, not Cameroon itself), it would be something like this:

"The neighboring country to Cameroon"

"to" instead of "of".

Your understanding is intuitive, but English is a confusing and bad language, lol.
Q: poacher

ex: Our natural environment sometimes is broken by the poachers.

Please help me correct the above sentence.
Thank you. does this sound natural?
A: Our natural environment is sometimes disturbed/destroyed by poachers

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