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Q: What does politeness. mean?
A: thanks @nataliehun

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Q: What is the difference between out of politeness and for politeness ?
A: In my area of the US, people don't really say "for politeness" (they might say "for the sake of politeness" or "to be polite".


She smiled, out of politeness.

She smiled, for the sake of politeness.

She smiled to be polite.


These phrases are interchangeable
Q: What is the difference between politeness and courtesy and civility ?
A: Polite (adjective) / politeness (noun) = showing good manners towards others with behavior, speech.

- The polite woman said thank you to all her guests.
- I felt like the politeness of everyone tonight made the dinner go smoothly.

Courtesy (noun) = good manners. Polite behavior. A respectful act.

-Today’s teenagers are rude and don’t show courtesy to their elders.
-we took the courtesy shuttle to our hotel.

Civility (noun) = another way of saying courtesy or politeness.

-why is civility lacking from political discussions?
Q: What is the difference between politeness and civility ?
A: This is an advanced question which shows your level of mastery of the language.

Politeness can simply mean being respectful.

Civility can mean being polite and indicates you are trying to maintain high moral standards. Like not raising your voice or getting into arguments.

In everyday conversation, they can be used interchangeably.
Q: What is the difference between politeness and good manners ?
A: 'Politeness' is the entirety of the way one acts.
'Good manners' would be included in being polite, such as saying 'Please' and 'Thank you'.

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Q: How do you say this in English (US)? politeness is treating other people with good manners and speaking properly to a person without offending him or her
A: Check the question to view the answer
Q: How do you say this in English (US)? politeness
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Q: How do you say this in English (US)? "B&L's politeness theory and presuppositions have always been of great importance in pragmatics." How can reword my sentence so the B&L's politeness theory goes first, but presuppositions wouldn't seem like something proposed by B&L? Thanks a lot!
A: - B&L's politeness theory, and the presuppositions it depended on, have always ...

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Q: I like your politeness and kindness. does this sound natural?
A: But I think a more common way to say this would be:

I like how kind and polite you are.
Q: Please show me how to pronounce politeness.
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Q: I don't like him, he always pretend politeness when we meet. does this sound natural?
A: @jinnaja51
1)I don’t like him. He only pretends to be polite when we meet.
2) I don’t like him. He’s pretentious.
Q: To show politeness, What should a taxi driver say to a passenger after he gets in and before he gets off.
A: When a passenger gets in "hello, how are you doing today?"
Passenger will say "good"
Driver: "so where can I take you today?"/"so where are you trying to go?"
When passenger gets off "thank you very much/thank you, have a good one!/have a good day!
Q: how would you say this with more politeness ? does this sound natural?
A: How would you say this more politely?

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