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Q: What does "internal polling" mean?

Paul Manafort's attorneys pleaded for sympathy for the Trump campaign chair turned felon Tuesday in a court filing which detailed his failing health.
The document - which also inadvertently disclosed that he had passed the campaign's internal polling to an alleged Russian spy - said that the 69-year-old was suffering from physical and mental health issues and had 'little contact' with his family.

Manafort is to be sentenced first in February for the charges he was found guilty at the end of a federal trial in Alexandria, Virginia, which included money laundering and tax fraud.

He is due to be sentenced separately in federal court in Washington D.C. having pleaded guilty to conspiracy against the United States and conspiracy to obstruct justice.
A: I think "internal polling" in this case, means "polling done inside the Trump campaign."
Q: I went to a polling place to cast my vote, but I didn't give my vote to anyone.
I mean, I put the stamp on the middle of two of main candidates.
I did it on purpose to make a blank ballot. does this sound natural?
A: "two of the main candidates."
Q: only by polling their resources can governments hope to overcome global warming does this sound natural?
A: Typo... pooling

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