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Q: What does national polls mean?
A: A poll is a survey done usually asking about politics. So a national poll is a survey about politics taken on the whole nation.
Q: What does polls will likely gauge the public's support for stricter gun control laws mean?
A: @Ri-na 意味は。。。 polls will likely = opinion polls will probably gauge = measure the public's support = if people want for stricter gun control laws

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Q: “He has barely registered -- if at all -- in polls of voters of color.” What does the words “if at all”mean?
A: He may have gotten zero votes in some polls.
Q: Hit the polls does this sound natural?
A: Sounds good to me, would work on residence a little more though.
Q: Polls Survey What is the difference between polls and survey?
A: Interchange to a degree but polls are usually less robust and answer 1 question while surveys are more in depth and can be pages long.
Q: "Don't forget to go to the polls today." does this sound natural?
A: spoken like an american
Q: When polls are taken about restarting the operation of nuclear plants in Japan, people living nearby usually support it, because their lives depend on the operation. Those who oppose strongest are the people living in the radius of 20 to 50km from the plant. does this sound natural?
A: Change it to "Those who oppose it the strongest" and then it all sounds perfect.

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