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    2. A "poseur" is someone who tries to pretend to be something they obviously are not. They may act or dress a certain way, but it is contrived and disingenuous. "Poser" is more commonly used... ironically, using "poseur" (unless you're French) may make you seem like a ... poser. :D "She dresses like a punk, but she still speaks like a valley-girl... such a poser". "What's with the snooty accent? Stop being a poser!"

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    2. It means someone who puts on a fake personality to impress other people.

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    2. An arbiter is a kind of decision-maker. "Self-appointed" means that they took the task on themselves without anyone else's approval, and can be used derisively to imply that someone is claiming authority they don't actually possess. A poseur is someone or something that is pretending to be something that it isn't. The sentence means that people from BMW who are claiming they have the authority to decide what is and isn't (a BMW? A luxury car? A high-class automobile? I'd need to know the context of the sentence to be sure) have decided that the car's optional sunroof means that it isn't "really" whichever of those things they are talking about. And whoever wrote the sentence is implying that those people are full of crap.

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