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Q: What does possesive mean?
A: it’s the want to own things & not willing to share with others

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Q: Please show me example sentences with possesive adjective.
A: I have a brown jacket

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Q: What is the difference between possesive determainer and possessive pronoun ?
A: They are very similar as far as I know. Both modify nouns to show ownership.

One difference is that possessive determiners do not include words like "mine" or "ours" which are only possesive pronouns.

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Q: How do you say this in English (US)? using possesive adj. +possesive pronoun
A: "This is my shoe" - possessive adjective
"This shoe is mine" - possessive pronoun

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Q: can you say this(An possesive singular noun and then plural noun)? isn't it supposed to be "Employee's benefits"?
A: Whether the second noun is singular or positive doesn't affect the apostrophe placement in the first noun.

If the first noun is singular, the apostrophe comes before the s. If the first noun is plural, the apostrophe comes after the s.

If the first noun was plural & the second singular, it would be "Employees' benefit" ("an" only ever accompanies a singular noun).
Q: Why do we use the possesive in this sentence? "I'm going to my brother's for three days." Is it necessary or can we just say "brother" instead?
A: This is because the noun that your brother possesses is implied. You are actually saying that you are going to your brother’s house/flat, but it is common to leave the noun out in this situation.
Q: "he had was worse" "he's was worse"(possesive) does this sound natural?
A: it's perfect @Continuous. I was watching a movie and girl was saying or I thought she was saying "he's was worse(possessive)" meaning when she was talking to this guy with autism and she also had little brother who passed away had more severe autism. your answer "his was worse'' seem like it. thanks(^0^
Q: When I use "its"(possesive pronoun?
A: Yes.

ITS is a possessive pronoun.

IT'S is a contraction meaning "it is".
Q: what is the possesive pronoun of "one"? i read in google it's "one's"? but is it correct if i use his/her?
A: You can use his/her or you can use "one's".

Usually "ones" is used to refer to "someone" who is not specified (college papers tend to use this for example, instead of you/yours).

"One should mind one's own business".

It is also possible to use their/theirs, although this may be considered grammatically incorrect by some people (yet is still commonly used)

"One should mind their own business"

"One should mind his or her own business".

All of these are fine.

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