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Q: What does I appreciate your dropping them off at the post office. mean?
A: you are thankful that someone delivered your package to the post office

she took your letters to the mailbox so you appreciate it
Q: What does "has taken up his post" mean?
A: @Stella870217: it means tooken this position
Q: What does post spoiler mean?
A: @luoyunjay: it means that the post will reveal important plot points of a movie, tv show or book. if you haven't seen or read the source material, then reading that post might "spoil" your enjoyment.
Q: What does "manning posts" mean?
A: The "Post" in your example is a position or task that needs a person to do it. On a ship for example, the "post" might be "Watching for other ships" so a person is given that job to do. Giving the person that job is the verb "To man". So when the person is told to go and watch for other ships, the "Post" of "Ship watcher" has been "Manned". So the person who is assigning these tasks or "Posts" is "Manning posts".
Q: What does "post" in 205 mean?
A: When someone gets arrested for a crime, they are given a date to appear in court. Sometimes, the judge gives them the option of posting bail. This means that they can give a certain amount of money (normally a large amount) to the court. When you post bail, you don't need to stay in jail. If you don't post bail, you have to stay in jail. When you show up for your court date, you get the money back. The idea is that if you pay money, then you won't run away, because you would lose a bunch of money. If you don't understand this, don't be afraid to say so.

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Q: Please show me example sentences with post
A: I’m gonna post it later

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Q: What is the difference between post 1000$ bail and fine 1000$ ?
A: A fine is what you are charged when you disobey a small law, like if you park in a handicap parking spot, you are fined $100, so they send you a bill for that. You now have a $100 fine you must pay.

However when you are arrested, you are often allowed to pay a certain amount of money to get out of jail while you wait for your court date. To post bail means to pay this money to the court.

Let me know if this makes sense!
Q: What is the difference between post and email ?

➡發佈 ( 帖子) 、帖子、寄信 、工作職位
➡發電郵、 電郵

E.G. ( 例句 )

➡Can you go and post this letter for me please?

➡I'm going to post something new on Weibo.

➡He has taken up the post of a teacher at the school nearby.

➡She 'll e - mail the report to you later on in the afternoon.

➡I haven't received any new e - mails yet.


Q: What is the difference between posting and sending ?
A: "posting" is more appropiately used for uploading pictures/ text to social media... "sending" is used when referring to sending emails, text, messagers or letters!
Q: What is the difference between post and to post ?
A: They're pretty much the same just used in different variations if each sentence. For example:
"I am going TO POST this later" and "I will POST this later"
Both would be acceptable in the same context.
Q: What is the difference between The nearest post office is in (town name). and The nearest post office is located in (town name). ?
A: There is no difference. Both sentences mean the the same thing. Using the word 'located' just makes you sound a little smarter or sophisticated. 🙂

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Q: How do you say this in English (US)? hey please let me know what they say on this post it. My house owner is shitty woman. -_-
A: (the best i could read it)

David we are moving on state soil (?) this weekend
you need to be gone

(i hope that’s right)
Q: How do you say this in English (US)? 前(まえ)postの接写(せっしゃ)👀📷✨バージョン😆
A: The close-up version of the previous post.
Q: How do you say this in English (US)? 今、荷物を整理しているんだけど、貴方がくれたpost card を見つけました
A: I was just sorting my luggage and I found the postcard that you gave me.
Q: How do you say this in English (US)? post
A: Check the question to view the answer
Q: How do you say this in English (UK)? post it note
A: Normally just 'Post It'
Pass me those post its please.
Every morning she leaves a post it on my monitor saying 'Good Morning!'.

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Q: I'm currently at the post of System Analyst in one of the biggest oil mining company. does this sound natural?
A: oooo gotcha, "I'm currently assigned to the post of System Analyst"
Q: He was discharged his post for allegations of a bribe.
彼は賄賂の疑いで解雇された。 does this sound natural?
A: "He was discharged from his post on allegations of bribery" should be correct.
"He was discharged from his post on suspicion of bribery."
This translation stays more literal to your japanese text.

still, let it be checked by natives. (;
Q: “The post of involves administration, cashier, human resource.”
I think the word follow of should be a noun. does this sound natural?
A: If you want to say "The post of mine involves administration, cashier, and human resources," it would be correct.
Q: I posted this mistakenly does this sound natural?
A: I posted this by accident/accidentally/unintentionally.
Q: I walked as far as the post office. does this sound natural?
A: Yes, I think so. ^_^

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