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Q: What does why do western pp call who they really love is squishy mean?
A: Your question is not well worded. I think that “squishy” is just a pet name used between boyfriend and girlfriend. It is not common but a similar word “squidgy” was reported to have been used by Prince Charles to Lady Diana over the phone.
Q: What does pp mean?
A: It can be used as an abbreviation for ‘pages’. For example, 7 pp could be read as 7 pages.

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Q: Please show me example sentences with have been + pp (experience).
A: What does "PP' stand for? I'm not up-to-date on abbreviations.
Q: Please show me example sentences with have pp.
A: pp: past participle
ex) eaten
Q: Please show me example sentences with had pp.
A: If I had done my homework, I could’ve gone out today.

If I had known that you wanted to go out, I would go with you.

If she had given the teacher a reasonable excuse, he wouldn’t have given her detention.

If you had asked me, I would have given you the money.

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Q: What is the difference between should have pp (past perfect) and would have had to verb ?
A: When you say "should have", you regret it and wish you did the action.
ex) I should have studied.
You should have called me yesterday .

"Would have had to~" means in the past you needed to do the action but now you no longer have to do the action.
ex) I would have had to study but the test was cancelled today.
She would have had to call me today but I called her first instead.
Q: What is the difference between should have pp and I wish I had ?
A: should have is define as something that would have been beneficial to do.

Example : he should have arrive earlier.

I wish I had is very similar to the second conditional because it expresses a situation which is contrary to fact.

Example : I wish I had more money.
Q: What is the difference between should have pp and will have pp and must have pp and they can be used in the future tense , if so , what's the differences between them. ?
A: oh sorry about that,
good question.
Will in any context is always in future tense since it is like a promise to be fulfilled. Should have and must have doesn't have that same effect becauae it's not coming from you, you're just relaying the information without getting yourself involved, you're not promosing anything. The thing about have is that it implies past tense. "I should have ate my dinner", "i must have left left my keys in the car". But when you add a specific time to it that is in the future. I "Tomorrow i should have my dinner eaten". This is technically future tense only because of the stated time but it is very borderline future tense since it was not 'should have' that made it the sentence future tense but a stated date and/or time.

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Q: How do you say this in English (US)? pp word
got and gotten
which one do you use more?
A: “I’ve got it” Present tense
“I will have gotten it” Future tense
Q: How do you say this in English (US)? have pp
A: pp = ㅃ ?

There is no alphabet letter for the Korean constant. "pp" may just be used in words like:

1. Copper
2. Stopper
3. Dropped

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Q: "There are 1,000 reanding pp."
Is it natural?
A: i can’t understand this
Q: "I read 100 pp."
Is this natural?
A: Yes, but if you're going to say it, it is pronounced as reed. (if past tense) so if よみました it's spelled as read but you pronounce it as reed but if よみます it's spelled read and pronounce like rid.
Q: Please tell me about present, past and pp forms of “ spread” ?
A: present: spreading
past: spread
future: spread!!!
Q: when many pp raise their hands, i will say many of you
so does it sound natural when few pp raise their hands and I say FEW OF YOU

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