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Q: What does She found that her preconceptions about his privileged upbringing and the behavior she expected from someone so wealth were quickly shattered. mean?
A: @Ri-na She expected him to be too posh and snooty, but he was "down-to-earth, sincere, and witty".

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Q: What is the difference between preconception and prejudice ?
A: preconception = an idea about someone or something that is not based on facts or experience
prejudice = harmful or hurtful ideas about people and cultures

Bill thought all Japanese food is made of raw fish and rice. He had a preconception about Japanese food. (= he has not eaten Japanese food, but he has an incorrect idea of it)
Bill thought all French people are lazy and rude. He had a prejudice against French people. (= Bill has a hurtful opinion of the French)
Q: What is the difference between preconceptions and prejudices ?
A: Prejudice is always bad. Preconceptions can be anything, bad or good, big or small.

Sometimes preconceptions can be prejudices if they're bad, but not always. For example, you might have the preconception that I like to read because I wear glasses. It's not a bad thing, or a big thing, but it may or may not be true because not everyone who wears glasses likes to read.

Prejudices are usually hateful feelings towards people who are another race, or sexual identity, or anyone who is different.

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Q: Throw away your preconceptions against him and try to talk to him. He might be a different type of person who you think of. does this sound natural?
A: Thank you very much.
Q: If you throw away your preconceptions and open your mind, the pupa is delicious and sue. does this sound natural?
A: 'Sue' doesn't make sense. The rest is good!
Q: You're right! There is all this preconception on people's mind that if women do certain things that men do this will sound 10 times worse. does this sound natural?
A: "There are all these preconceptions that* ...". The phrase "this will sound 10 times worse" is a bit confusing, do you mean "it will be 10 times worse"?

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