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    2. What you would like to have or have happen instead of another choice.

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    2. I like driving, preferably on remote mountain roads. Do you have any rooms available? Preferably, ones facing the beach.

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    2. Preferably, you should arrive 10 minutes before the meeting starts. Preferably, you should lock the door when you leave your house. Preferably, you shouldn’t put pineapple on a pizza.

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    2. the first one is what you prefer and the other one is what you hope for. the meaning is very similar but you use them differently ex -i would like to eat somehing sweat, preferably a chocholate pie (you would like something sweat and it would me great it that thing is a chocolate pie) now imagine one of your firends says "ill pick something from the pattiserie on my way" in this case you hope that the dessert he picks is a choxolate pie so you would say "hopefully he picks a chocolate pie" -i made some mistakes but hopefully these will not cost me a lot (you made some mistakes and you hope they will not cost you) if it helps you, if you can use the word hope (like i hope he gets a choco pie) then you use hopefully (hopefully he gets a choco pie) and if you can use the word prefer then you can use preferably as an alternate.

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