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Q: What is the difference between Preliminary and Qualify ?
A: Preliminary is an event held in preparation for a bigger, more important event.
To qualify for something is to have access to a certain privilege.

For example, in a tournament situation you may ‘qualify’ for the finals after completing the ‘preliminary’ event.

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Q:Preliminary figure” は『速報値』という意味ですが、“Preliminary”という単語には『速い』や『速報』という意味はないようで、辞書には『予備』とか『準備』と書かれています。
なぜ、“Preliminary figure” が『速報値』という意味になるのか、どなたか教えて頂けませんか?

A: “Preliminary” means the earliest figures/numbers. It is the “quickest” report you can have, before getting the full set of numbers and calculations.

Because the “preliminary report” doesn’t include the final figures, it is only a temporary report until the final, full report is released.

I hope I could answer your question without any confusion 😅

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