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    2. lafzo'n ki bol chal

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    2. While they are interchangeable for generally being understood, appearing perfectly fluent kinda means that they're not so interchangeable. The base sentence 'I'm sitting on a chair' is correct. This can, however, change because of the type of chair, as well as on the context of the sentence. I feel like this is probably one of the hardest things to explain to an L2 learner of English, mostly because even I, as a native would find it hard to distinguish between when... it just boils down to that whole instinct you have, i.e in your own native language you would recognise an incorrect sentence immediately, even if you can't always explain why. The simplest rule I can think of right now is that 'on' tend to have connotations of it being a chair without arms, and 'in' having the connotation of the chair having arms. However, this is complicated by benches and sofas, as I don't know anyone (in my dialect of English) who would say 'I'm sitting in the sofa', or 'in the bench'.... Maybe it's something to do with the semantic meaning of 'snugness'? Haha... If I think of any other basic rules I'll write back, I guess. Hope that helps. Prepositions are one of the hardest parts of learning languages, the amount of frustration I had when learning Swedish and Icelandic with på, i, om and með, við, hjá, á, í, um haha...

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