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    2. Preservatives are chemical added in to make the product last longer which are also bad for you.

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    2. "Additives" - basically anything unnecessary or artificial that is added to the food product (e.g. artificial coloring, artificial flavoring, bleaching agents, nutrient additives, thickening agents, stabilizing agents, etc.) "Preservatives" - antimicrobial agents or other chemicals added to food products to make them last longer (prevent them from spoiling). Preservatives help to inhibit growth of bacteria, yeasts, and mold in food.

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    2. I wouldn't use savage in this context, you could just say "bad for our health" or "preservatives are unhealthy" in recent times "savage" has been used colloquially to describe something that's "badass" but originally savage was used in contexts more to describe certain peoples in a sort of demeaning manner. Like.. "the people on this island are complete savages, they run around hunting animals with spears like it's the stone age" lol, that felt rude just saying it, but you get the idea hopefully :)

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