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Q: What does prickle bush mean?
A: its a bush that is prickly
Q: What does you little prickle bush mean?
A: ヤンチャ、小僧です。


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Q: What is the difference between prickling and tingling ?
A: They are both very similar. Prickling is almost being poke with a needle and tingling is more of a flowing sensation like if your foot goes numb, when the sensation starts to come back that feeling is tingling
Q: What is the difference between prickle and sting and tingle ?
A: Prickle and tingle are fairly similar, but sting implies something more painful than the other two.
"I felt a prickle when the cactus brushed up against my skin."
"That face lotion makes my skin tingle"
"I felt a sting when the needle went into my skin"

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Q: I pulled out prickle in my finger does this sound natural?
A: I pulled out a splinter from my finger.

( From my experience, “prickle” is like a kind of sensation. A “splinter” is a sharp object that can prick you”. Splinters are usually wood though, so it depends on your context. )
Q: You feel a little prickle.
If I say this before the injection, Is it natural??
does this sound natural?
A: Prick is a noun and a verb.

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