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    2. Literally it's something that is not biblical, or religious, so something that would go against or even disrespect a religious practice or its views, but I've seen it used as something that is just seen as offensive

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    2. Profane can also refer to things that are not sacred or religious. It generally has a negative connotation, and as a verb can mean to ruin or insult something sacred, like "to profane God's name"

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    2. Profanity can benefit us in terms of both positive and negative emotions. As for positive emotions, like pleasure, happiness and amusement, swear words help heighten the effects experienced. This is especially the case with humor. Many of the phrases intended to make people laugh involve cursing. Since swear words tend to be creative and reflect social phenomenon, people are more likely to enjoy jokes containing curse words. Profanity has a lot to do with social interaction. When you hear humorous phrases mostly made up of profanities, you are more likely to laugh with your group of friends. This is because you are reminded of a specific situation or circumstance related to those profanities with your companions. Negative emotions have more of a beneficial outcome from cursing than their positive counterparts. When under pressure, we automatically look for ways to vent our emotions and stress. The easiest and fastest way to channel them is by cursing. Blinding anger released through profane words comforts us and in turn, it prevents physical violence such as destroying things or fist-fights. Cursing relieves stress. Seemingly, swear words sound provocative and are socially unacceptable, and yet it has a reflection of satire to fight against a dishonest world. If we suppress ourselves by restraining our words, how will we be able to tolerate the endless unfairness we will surely face?

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