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Q: What does  They begged for prophecies; they paid for predictions; they prayed; they yowled. mean?
A: According to my dictionary: Beg =乞讨,恳求 Prophecy = 预言 In the context of the plague, they were desperate to know the future and turned to astrologers (占星家) and quack (fake) doctors for answers.
Q: What does prophecy mean?
A: A prophet is a person to whom a deity is revealing information (often, but not always, about the future). "Prophecy" is the information which was revealed to the prophet by the deity.
Q: What does a “self-fulfilling” prophecy mean?
A: A self-fulfilling prophecy is a prediction that, simply by expecting it, becomes true. It is fulfilled by itself.

Example: you wake up, and think “today is going to be a bad day.” Then, you hit your foot on the door, you are late for work, and people are mad at you all day. You expected the day to be bad, which affected your actions, and it made your day bad.

Example: a baseball coach expects the first years to be bad at baseball, so he does not let them play in games. When he does let them play, they don’t have as much experience, and are indeed bad. The coach’s prophecy is self-fulfilled.
Q: What does as the prophecy foretold mean?
A: “Prophecy” is a prediction, usually by a god/prophet or a person of higher power who can see the future. “Foretold” is a past tense verb that means “predicted” or “said would happen”. So basically, “as the prediction said, ...”

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Q: Please show me example sentences with prophecy.
A: The prophecy predicted he would lose.
I knee it from the prophecy.
He was sent on a prophetic mission.
Q: Please show me example sentences with prophecy.
A: Prophecy is a prediction in the the far future. It can also be described as a ‘destiny’.
-Harry Potter’s prophecy to kill Voldemort was vague.
-A protagonist always has a unforetold prophecy that they hate.
-Jerry would doom the world in the prophecy a witch created.

Hope this helps!

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Q: What is the difference between prophecy and prophesy ?
A: prophesy is a verb
prophecy is a noun
Q: What is the difference between prophecy and prediction ?
A: “Prediction” is based on current information. Anything scientific is a prediction.

“Prophecy” is mystical or religious. It’s usually something that would be impossible to know in advance. It’s also usually vague and only declared a Prophecy afterwards.

“Our prediction is that the eclipse will last from 08:02 to 08:13”.
“The Prophecy says that the chosen one will bring balance to the Force”.
Q: What is the difference between prophecy and prophesy ?
A: prophesy means to tell a prophecy.

Peophecy - Tales of the future.

Prophesy- to tell the future.

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Q: "the prophecy didn't came through" does this sound natural?
A: "The prophecy didn't come true"
Q: "prophecy" does this sound natural?
A: nice job!
Q: The prophecy in :

neither can live while the other survives

I know the meaning, but I just don't get it literally.

neither=no one of the two

while the other survives=while one of the two survives

No one of the two can live while one of them survives.

But this sound like if one of them survives, both of them gonna die???

And this is different from "one of them will live and the other one will die".

I'm totally confused here! Please help me!

A: Honestly, the slightly odd wording of the prophecy has kicked off all manner of crazy internet theories. For example, the line that one must die at the hand of the other could mean that one can ONLY die by the hand of the other, or in other words, now that Voldy's dead, Harry will live forever, since Voldy's not there to kill him.

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