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    2. There’s an old custom in the US that you only wear white clothes in the summer, after Memorial Day and before Labor Day. So they are saying Memorial Day lets us start wearing white.

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    2. @NYCEnglish:

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    2. Gustatory is a word associate with tasting Eg. The tongue has a gustatory function. Propriety and decorum are synonyms which both mean to act well or have good etiquette. You can use both to say "sorry for my lack of decorum/propriety"

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    2. Propriety is conforming to accepted standards or morals. Manners are your way of behaving toward others. You can behave with propiety (the way people expect you to behave) by having good manners (treating people with courtesy).

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    2. This has a very formal context. Do not use the word propriety when you talk to friends. And say "...which makes Company B the parent company".

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    2. ​​"The Mount Rushmore national memorial is an emblem of a nation. It's the epitome of liberty... This memorial representS the faces of four main presidents of the united states; George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, Theodore Roosevelt, Abraham Lincoln.... ?? (The main feature?? (Of who? All? Should be plural) is he is curved on in a crystalline material??, granite.... It's was the brainchild (awkward here) of the historian Doane Robinson. It WAS CARVED in a cliff at the heart of the black hills in south dakota by Gutzon Borglum and his son Lincoln Borglum... It's a monument squeezed? (Mmm surrounded by is better) a native American sacred territory and squeeze (thrust upon? Forced?) in a northen area. This monument traces/encompasses one hundred and fifty years of history...It's a tourist site and it's an effigie (hmm... you burn things in effigy... negative... you want representation? Reminder?) of the most important American presidents of all time....the mount measures around one meter and seven hundreds centimeters (look up this number again, a person can still be 2 meters...) in height and the faces mesure eighteen meters in height... the realisation of this moment needed fourteen years of work from 1927 to 1941; (It took 400 workers 14 years, (from 1927-41) to build) It cost a bomb?? About? around one million dollars. This monument has been called the sanctuary of democracy. And yet, this is always contested by the Lakota Indians who claim the ownership of these sacred Indian lands. This mountain is an integral? part of the road THAT the chief indian Sioux Black Elk followED during a spiritual trip. (Who was he bringing to the summit of the mountains? Unclear) (from left to right) George Washington was depicted as the father of the nation. He was the first president of the united states (1789-1797) at the start (or a foundation) of the American democracy .He represents the birth of United States of America. Thomas jefferson was the third president (1801-1809) and the writer of a part of the Declaration of Independence. (that's the name) He doubled the size of the United States by the Louisiana Purchase. (Another name) He represents the expansion of the country. Theodore Roosevelt was the twenty-sixth president (1901-1909) known for his politics of the big stick. He developed the country. (Best known for the "Rough Riders Abraham Lincoln was the SIXTEENTH (1861-1865) president, known for the abolition of slavery. Thus he symbolizes the preservation of the country after the South succeeded. We could suggest an addition for the memorial: one key figure, the last chief Apache Geronimo. The guerrila campaign of Geronimo remainS a prime example of time. His excellent geographic understanding and skills to exploit?? (Exploit-too Negative, make the best use of) the limited human resources and the tough lands shows him as a peerless tactician of strategy. Some changes I made I didn't keep in caps. Feel free to clarify as needed.

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    2. I would consider it a verb, and for all applicative purposes, it is a verb. But checking your question in a linguistics forum might help. ^^

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    2. Hey CityWok, it seems like you are either reading or writing an essay about social issues pertaining to race and violence in the United States. If you want some help editing/reviewing I would be happy to read it. As for this sentence, you want to say "because of a lack of propriety" rather than "because of lacking propriety". This is because it's a state of lacking, as opposed to an ongoing action.

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