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Q: What does the prosecution is bound to be short-circuited by a pardon.  mean?
A: It means a prosecution (criminal charge against someone) will take a much more short or direct method because of a request of forgiveness
Q: What does prosecution mean?
A: It means legal report.
Q: What does prosecution mean?
A: try searching google: 'Define Prosecution'
Q: What does ag-gag prosecutions mean?
A: Ag-gag laws are laws in certain American states that prohibit people from filming anything that goes on the premises of agriculture/livestock industries. So, it sounds like ag-gag prosecutions are the charges and subsequent legal cases brought upon people who broke these laws. A lot of people (including myself) think ag-gag laws are terrible because they provide a safeguard for businesses to get away with abusing animals and treating them inhumanely

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Q: Please show me example sentences with prosecution .
A: -The judge called the prosecution to the stand.
-Trespassers will be subject to prosecution.

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Q: What is the difference between prosecution and accusation ?
A: prosecution - punishment for someone's crimes. "he was prosecuted for stealing from the store"

accusation - saying someone did something bad "he accused him of stealing"
Q: What is the difference between prosecution and accusation ?
A: Accusation is before a person is prosecuted. For example, you can accuse someone of doing a crime. But, you prosecute them for this crime. This means to hold a trial.

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Q: How do you say this in English (US)? While prosecutions were rare, they were not unheard of.

actually i know first sentance. but i dont know second sentance. do the word 'they' mean prosecution?
A: yes, prosecutions are the they

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Q: Unless the prosecution is posed, the irreparable impair would be rampant to different parts of the world. does this sound natural?
A: Unless the prosecution is filed, there would be rampant and irreparable damage to different parts of the world.
Q: What does "hindering prosecution" (1st paragraph) mean?
(prosecution against him?)

Mike was a registered sex offender and had served six years behind bars in Alaska jails and prisons. He’d been convicted of assault, domestic violence, vehicle theft, groping a woman, hindering prosecution, reckless driving, drunken driving and choking a woman unconscious in an attempted sexual assault. Among other crimes.

“My record, I thought I had no chance of being a cop,” Mike, 43, said on a recent weekday evening, standing at his doorway in this Bering Strait village of 646 people.
He was wrong.

On the same day Mike filled out the application, the city of Stebbins hired him, handing him a policeman’s cellphone to answer calls for help.
“Am I a cop now?” he remembers thinking. “It’s like, that easy?”

The short answer is yes. With low pay and few people wanting the jobs, it is that easy in some small Alaska communities for a convicted felon, even someone who has admitted to a sex crime or who was recently released from prison, to be hired with public money to work as a city police officer.

It’s also a violation of state public safety regulations, yet it happens all the time.
A: It means to prevent prosecution of a crime in some way, it could be prosecution against him or another person

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