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Q: What does proven mean?
A: For example: I can PROVE that you ate the cookies
Q: What does until proven otherwise mean?
A: Until it was proven otherwise, it was once commonly believed the earth was flat. But it has since been proven that the earth is not flat, but a sphere
Q: What does proven mean?
A: Sometimes past participless are used as adjectives. Proven, in this case, would mean "to have proven to have measles". It would seem confusing since it doesn't seem like the right form of speech, but it is correct.

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Q: Please show me example sentences with proven.
A: -She has proven herself -You both have proven your loyalty -You have been proven guilty

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Q: What is the difference between proven and proved ?
A: Proved is the past tense of the verb prove. Both proved and proven are are acceptable as past participle forms. British and some American style guides recommend proved as the only past participle, admitting of established set phrases like “innocent until proven guilty.” Proven as an adjective preceding a noun is standard usage in both British and American usage. Ex. “This politician is a proven liar.” “We’ve proved that we can’t be trusted with setting passwords.”

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