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Q: What does pump it up mean?
A: It depends the situation. It could mean to inflate a tire.... I told him to pump it up as the tire was too soft. It could mean to turn up the music, I told him to pump it up so that we could hear the bass. So it all depends on the situation, what is happening and we need more information.
Q: What does pump mean?
A: it's talking about a gas pump in this case
Q: What does pump four mean?
A: Difficult to say exactly without proper context, but I immediately thought of “pump 4” at the petrol (gas) station, when you fill your car with fuel and there are a few outlets which are numbered so you can tell the cashier which pump you used in order to pay the correct amount showing on the pump.
(Sorry, that was a terribly long sentence but I hope you got the meaning)
Q: What does "pumped up kicks" mean?
A: Shoes that are very expensive. Kicks are shoes. Pumped up would mean flashy, expensive, cool.
Q: What does "pump it up" in 977 mean?
A: It probably means to get loud or have fun.

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Q: Please show me example sentences with pumped.
A: If you're pumped, you're excited and ready for or to do something. I'm pumped to see the Beatles concert. He's pumped to go to the beach later on.
Q: Please show me example sentences with prime the pump.
A: I’ve never heard any one say prime the pump
Q: Please show me example sentences with pump up / pump into / pump it full of ....

Pump up
The gas is pumped up from an underground reservoir.
Please pump up the balloons.
She was so pumped up about the performance that she couldn't sit still for a minute.

Pump into
The community pumped thousands of dollars into that project.
How is the gas pumped into carburator?

Pump it full of
The system is sealed after it's been pumped full of water.

Q: Please show me example sentences with pump.
A: A gas pump.
The blood is pumped around the body.
Q: Please show me example sentences with pumped up.
A: @Vladosiz: Pumped up means excited.

I'm so pumped up for the party tomorrow!
He's really pumped up for tomorrow's performance.
The president got us all pumped up by telling us that he would give $100 to the first person who called his cell phone.

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Q: What is the difference between pump gas in the car and put gas in the car ?
A: Pumping gas into a car and putting gas in a car have almost the same meaning. Pumping is just a verb that is more descriptive. You can say “ I pumped gas into my car” or “I put gas into my car”. They are interchangeable.
Q: What is the difference between I'm pumped and I'm stoked ?

great! thank you so much!
Q: What is the difference between pumped out and take out and get out ?
A: Pumped out = Es una expresión que se usa para decir que estás emocionado. Literalmente significa "bombear/bombeando".

Ej. I'm pumped out about the party.

Take out = Se usa para cosas que vas a llevar, por ejemplo la take out food es la comida que vas a comprar para llevar a otro lugar.

Ej. Can you take out my car?

Get out = Es una manera (ruda) de decirle a alguien que se salga.

Ej. Get out of my house!
Q: What is the difference between pump milk and extract milk ?
A: To pump milk is to use a machine to get the milk out.

To extract means to get it out.

You can say: she pumped milk or she used a pump to extract her milk.

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Q: How do you say this in English (US)? pump up
Q: How do you say this in English (US)? pump
A: Check the question to view the answer
Q: How do you say this in English (US)? let's pump it up.
A: Check the question to view the answer

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Q: "Let's pump up the selfie"(then takes a selfie)

what does "pump up" mean there?
A: @richurchoi Definitely. It also looks like they're speaking in a bit of a British accent and I live in America. If I was watching TV and I heard that I wouldn't think too much about it, even though it's not something I'm used to hearing.
Q: This Japanese pump is much different than American pump.
In the above sentence, can't we necessarily need "more" between "much" and "different"?
A: “The Japanese pump is very different to the American pump.”

‘Totally different’
‘Utterly different’
‘Markedly different’
Q: All the pumps at the gas station were occupied and I hadn't time to stay to wait. does this sound natural?
A: We don't use "gas station" in the UK. We use "petrol station"!
Q: "I got one of my pump replaced. But it was a waste of money." does this sound natural?
Q: pump up the bicycle tires does this sound natural?
A: Pump the bicycle tires

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