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Q: What does He was no longer able to read through the racket. mean?
A: He couldn't continue to read because it was too noisy.
Q: What does He was no longer able to read through the racket. mean?
A: He could no longer read because of the noise. The noise was very distracting.

racket = annoying or distracting noise
Q: What does make a racket mean?
A: It means to make a lot of noise.
Q: What does I must have made a pretty big racket mean?
A: A lot of noise
Q: What does big racket mean?
A: In this sense, racket is noise. The kids were making a lot of noise and made Dad angry.

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Q: Please show me example sentences with this racket is easy to hold.
A: This racket is easy to hold so it's perfect for beginners.

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Q: What is the difference between racket and noise ?
A: Racket and noise (within the context of describing something that is loud and distracting) are the same thing.

However, I think using the word “racket” is more colloquial.
Q: What is the difference between I have several racket of tennis and I have various racket of tennis ?
A: I have several tennis rackets = 我有几个网球拍
I have various tennis rackets = 我有几个网球拍,但强调每一个不同

也可以说 I have several different tennis rackets, 意思和以上第二句一样,但不可以说 "[...] various different [...]",因为various已经包含different的意思。
Q: What is the difference between racket and hubbub ?
A: "Racket" simply refers to loud noise. "Hubbub" refers to situation that is chaotic and confused. I heard all the racket and came to see what all the hubbub was about.

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Q: How do you say this in English (US)? racket
A: What exactly do you want to say?

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Q: She became so nervous that she shook violently.

He makes such a racket I'm afraid he disturbs the neighbours.

Q. As this information(You use that after expressions with `so' and `such' in order to introduce the result or effect of something)shows, Is "that" omitted in between "a racket" and "I'm?"
A: Yes, there is an implied "that" between racket and I'm. It would be totally fine to leave "that" in, but many people will take it out, at least when speaking.
Q: Hold your racket with the surface facing sideways Does this sound natural?
A: That sounds a bit unnatural. If you want to use the word ‘horizontally’ maybe just say “Hold your racket so the surface is horizontal”
Q: i have never been returned the racket back same day when i ordered

i do not understand that why does the shop get more machine

the shop makes all customer annoyed because always have to wait Does this sound natural?
A: "My racket is never returned the same day I put in my order. I don't understand why the shop doesn't get more machines. They annoy all their customers by always making them wait."

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