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    2. Radiant means bright. It can also be used as a compliment to tell somebody that they look beautiful or healthy in a way that surprises or amazes.

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    2. @Yucca_Yuko Based on the context, it sounds like this is a compliment. Whoever wrote that probably liked your picture. Radiant can be used as an adjective to describe something that is glorious or beautiful. It means "beaming with vivacity, happiness, or light". Positive energy. "It was a beautiful day. The sunlight was radiant and the flowers were all blooming." The word "sick" usually has a negative connotation related to illness or disease. However, it is also used as a slang word with the opposite meaning. As slang, it means something that is awesome, cool, or impressive. "John's new car is so sick. I hope he lets me drive it." The sentence "It is radiant not just sick" would mean the picture is more than awesome. Even better than "sick". It is radiant. It is glorious. It is super impressive.

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    2. Radiant can describe any noun for the most part. (People, places, and things mostly) Examples: She looked radiant last night. His smile is radiant. The dress was a radiant blue. The sky looks radiant tonight.

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    2. 1. the radiant lights from the sun made it hard for me to see properly 2. the radiant colours of the dress made it look beautiful

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    2. Nobody would say beamish.

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