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Q: What does raid mean?
A: to attack. or assault. usually used to describe military and wars
Q: What does to be caught in the raid mean?
A: Someone's caught in a short sudden attack.
Q: What does can your raid hourses mean?
A: Te refieres a "Can you ride horses?"
Si es así, entonces están preguntando si puedes montar caballos.
Q: What does raided mean?
A: «raid» quiere decir «asaltar» y «raided» es el pretérito, es decir «asalté», «asaltaste», etc., además de ser el participio pasado, es decir «asaltado».

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Q: Please show me example sentences with what does"raid" means?.
A: Raid (noun)- a sudden attack
To raid- to attack
Q: Please show me example sentences with raid.
ほとんどの日常で使った “raid”は滑稽な表現だと思います。例えば、“we raided his fridge”
映画とニュースも使うことがあります。“We raided the village for supplies” “the militants raided the passing supply truck” それも許可せずに物を奪うことです。このように使っている場合は真剣な表情です。
Q: Please show me example sentences with raid.
A: The barbarians raid the fort.

The hungry boy raided the kitchen.

The army conducted a raid on the outpost.
Q: Please show me example sentences with (to) raid.
A: I will raid this bank

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Q: What is the difference between raid a bank and rob a bank ?
A: Only the second one is used.

The first one is never used.

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Q: Can both 'To get fired' and 'To get raid off' be the same things?
A: 아니에요
Q: Some raids were carried out across Brussels. does this sound natural?
A: Check the question to view the answer

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