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    2. “Though” carries a nuance of not caring or minding about what happened in the preceding sentence (the weather in this case). The use of “however” in the second sentence sounds slightly more theatrical and focuses more on the act of going for a walk, despite the weather conditions. Personally, I wouldn’t say either of these sentences. I would say: Although it was raining and extremely cold, he still went (out) for a walk. > Despite the weather, he decided to go for a walk. Let’s see how “though” and “however” may work synonymously. Though: > (Y’know) it was raining a lot. I still went for a walk, though. = casual speech However: > It was raining a lot. However, I still went out for a walk. = more formal, though you can use this in casual speech by intentionally pausing before saying “however” The word “still” is irreplaceable in these sentences for them to sound natural.

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