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    2. Well a person reputation is usually determined by that persons past actions. I also don’t feel any kind of way towards President Trump. I am neutral towards political issues. However many people do not like him because of his opinions, things he has said in the past, his attitude, and his actions past and present. It’s not like we can just change our president. It’s not quite that simple. The american people vote for the president they want and then that president stays in office for about 4 years. Then we have the choice to re-elect the same president or elect a new one. The only way to have him not as president would be if he stepped down or if he was impeached. Which is a lengthy process that requires specific reasons, or impeachable actions. If the president hasn’t committed any impeachable actions, he cannot be taken out of office. I hope this helped in some kind of way. I don’t get too into politics but I do know the basics just from being a senior in high school. 😊

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