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Q: What does and then razors away, is this phrase idiom? and then (coins television shoes etc) away= put away (coins,television, shoes,etc)away,? mean?
A: No, I don't believe it's an idiom here. He's talking about shaving, right?
So I think "razors away" just means "put the razors away."
Q: What does razor sharpness mean?
A:razor sharpness” is an expression used to say something is very sharp (afiado). A razor is like a knife and a knife is very sharp, so it’s like saying something is “sharp life a razor
Q: What does rotary razor


foil razor mean?
A: Both are electric.
The rotary type has 3 round parts on a triangle shaped head.
The foil type has one big rectangular screen.
You can use these terms to Google images of each kind.
Q: What does "How can I brace myself for razor blades on whips" mean?
A: this song is a very sad song.

It's saying, How can I ready myself for whips that have blades attached to the ends.

This is suggesting that the person is about to be whipped brutally.
Q: What does razor and strop mean?
A: @willobe: razor helps you to shave the beard etc and strop (slang) means sulk

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Q: Please show me example sentences with razor sharp memory .
A: "You have a razor sharp memory!"

"His memory is razor sharp!"

"We both used to have razor sharp memory when we were young."

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Q: What is the difference between razor and blade shaver ?
A: "Blade shaver" is not a common term, but a "shaver" us usually an electric power tool for shaving. A razor is an unpowered hand tool.
Q: What is the difference between razor and shaver ?
A: There is none. It’s regional
Q: What is the difference between shave/shaver and razor ?
A: Shave is a verb/noun. Shaver is a tool used for shaving in general. Razor is a tool used for shaving the body, but also for other things that imply the action of cutting something.

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Q: How do you say this in English (US)? razor
A: Check the question to view the answer

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Q: Please show me how to pronounce "razor".
A: there ya go! (:
Q: razor
=shaver ?
Q: This razor is dull. I have to oil it. Does this sound natural?
A: “This razor is dull, I have to oil it”. But you can also say “this razor is dull so I have to oil it” if you are explaining how it works but if you are just telling someone I suggest saying something like “I had to oil my razor cause (because) it was dull”
Q: I need to buy some razor blades to get rid of this stupid mustache finally Does this sound natural?
A: Nomas quites él palabra "finally" y estas bien

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