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    2. Some people think that governments should invest money in railway construction instead of roads; however, I don't agree with this point of view. In my opinion, both railways and roads play important parts in modern society and we can't lead a convenient life without either of them. For one thing, it is considered economical to take a trip by rail, especially for long distance travelling. As an essential part of the mass transportation system, trains transport hundreds of millions of people all around the world every year. Furthermore, it outperforms other vehicles using roads, in speed and safety. Nevertheless, the cost of constructing railways is much higher than the expenditure on roads. For another thing, more and more people have their own cars nowadays, which makes it easier for them to go anywhere they want at anytime but also results in traffic becoming worse day by day. Measures should be taken to deal with this severe problem. I believe wider roads could be a reasonable solution to relieve traffic congestion. Besides, roads are necessary for people who live in rural areas or a mountainous region, because the rough terrain might not be suitable for railways. In conclusion, roads and railways serve distinct purposes and each are needed for their particular functions and features. Governments should take all these factors into consideration when they make choices between railways and roads. It would be a shame for governments to put more emphasis on either of them.

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